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In order to promote current discourse among the youngest of all genders, textile workshops for pupils are held in schools and gallery workshop spaces.

Berlinische Galerie
        Three workshops linked to the exhibition “original bauhaus”Oct - Dez 2019, held in projectspace of the gallery
with Sara Diaz, Justina Monceviciute, Tullia Tarsia in Curia (Bauhaus-Archiv)


        Gemeinschaftschule, Charlottenburg, BerlinOctober 2019 
Workshop on developing prints by collecting leaves from the school parc, drawing and copying them and working on a repeat and layout for a A1-print.
with Justina Monceviciute

        Highschool, Charlottenburg, BerlinApril-Jun 2020 — Characters
Workshop on researching in depth about a person of inspiration and developing a pattern and print out for drawings and collages.
with Magdalena Kohler

        Gemeinschaftsschule, Neukölln, BerlinSep 2020
Workshop on finding inspiration by drawing the building of the school and developing an abstract 3-D-model of the properties.
with Justina Moncevicute

        Förderschule, Schöneberg, Berlin November 2020
Workshop on teaching basic weaving techniques and developing a commen piece by improvised techniques and recycled garments.
with Justina Monceviciute