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Evelyn Sitter is a textile artist and designer based in Berlin.
In large-scale weavings she constructs a canvas, weaves and paints simultaneously. Fabrics quote experiences, bodies, or become memories of movements. The work is for all to touch - this tactile experience is allowing it to age, change, show injuries and scars, and respond to the hands of visitors.

Her works has been shown internationally in Beirut (Libanon), Brusseles (Belgium), Eindhoven (Netherlands), Stockholm (Sweden), Munich, Neumünster, Bramsche, Euskirchen, Apolda, Berlin (Germany).

Since 2016 she also works and researches as artistic associate at Berlin University of the Arts. In her practise she intertwines questions about gender identites and hybrid craft technologies, develops experimental alternatives of showing and staging fashion, and researches intercultural exchange methods in design and art.

In order to promote current discourse among the youngest, since 2019 she develops textile workshops for pupils in schools and special schools (Förderschulen).

Evelyn Sitter graduated from Berlin University of the Arts in 2013. After living in Arnhem, Paris and Berlin, interning and working for companies like Iris van Herpen, Bless, Balenciaga and Malhia Kent, developing fabrics for luxury firms like Chanel, she founded her studio, where she works on collaborative projects and commissions.


Guest at panel discussion, talkshop museum 08.09.2020
"wie wird das museum der zukunft?" at temporary bauhaus, Berlin
#1: Museum für alle:
Listen here to the panel discussion

Guest at The Digital Multilogue Conference, 25.09.2020
Between Crafts and Digital Imagery: Kitchen Crafts (with Jun.Prof. Berit Greinke)
American University of Paris
Link for conference workshops

Recent exhibitions:

6.9.19 - 27.1.20:
original bauhaus, the centenary exhibition
Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, Germany

"Ada's L&F"
DDW, project space Veem
Eindhoven, Netherlands

01.11.2020 - 31.3.2021
"Ada's L&F"
designtransfer gallery, Berlin, Germany
part of Vorspiel transmediale

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