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since 2022
Professor at BURG 
Burg Giebichenstein
University of Art and Design Halle, Germany

Artistic Assistant at UdK Berlin
Berlin University of the Arts,


Atelier B8, Project Space, Berlin
“Zoom N°1-4” & “Unbehagen” 

2020 - 21
Design Transfer Gallery, Berlin: Interconnected
“Ada’s L&F“
Part of Vorspiel Transmediale

Bauhaus Archiv e.V. 
“Offlines“, Comission for Centenary Exhibition “original bauhaus“
Berlinische Galerie, Berlin

original bauhaus – Publication in Catalogue for Centenary exhibition “original bauhaus“
Bauhaus-Archiv e.V.
text by Christina van Haaren

Dutch Design Week, Festival, Eindhoven, Netherlands
“Ada’s Lost&Found“
Veem Project Space

Collectible Fair, Brussels, Belgium
Booth of Adorno Galerie

Atelier B8, Project Space, Berlin
“Düstres Auge“

Beirut Design Week, Beirut, Libanon
shown by QUEI (independant curators)

Das Pepita-Virus, Traveling Exhibition: Tuch&Technik Museum Neumünster, Die Tuchfabrik Müller des LVR-Industriemuseums Eunskirchen, Tuchmachermuseum Bramsche
Exhibition, Publication, Purchase of 2 Pieces

Gartenhaus der Kunst, München
“Treuen“, in collaboration with Maria von Mier and Sophie Schultz


SETTING YOUR OWN PACE - On souverenity through unique material development and its transfer to commercial products
   Workshop Faciltator at the Digital Multilogue Conference on Fashion Education — American University of Paris, 25.9.2021 — with Petja Ivanova and guests:

Thibaud Guyonnet: Creative Director & Head of Buying at Voo Store Berlin
Kasia Kucharska, Wanda Wollinsky, Reiner-Andre Törner : Founder & Designer at Kasia Kucharska
Verena Michels: Founder of Weather Underground

How does empowerment take place when material innovation is addressed within fashion education? How can an experimental material output be carried to a serial selling?
How can the pace in fashion be slowed down in work environments which are not self-created? learning-and

“wie wird das museum der zukunft? 
what will the museum of the future be like?”

     Guest at Panel Discussion “museum für alle / museum for all”temporary bauhaus archiv, 08.09.2020 

“How barrier-free can and must a museum be? How do you exhibit inclusive and enable a sensory experience for all?”

Reflecting the commissioned artwort for exhibition “original bauhaus” with Andreas Krüger, Referent for Accessibility and Inclusion, Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, collegue Justina Monceviciute, and Nina Wiedemeyer, Curator, Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum für Gestaltung.

How can blind and visually-impaired visitors experience the Bauhaus original archive of the weaving workshop, displayed on the wall behind glass frames? The textile artists Sara Diaz Rodriguez, Moa Hallgren, Justina Monceviciute and Evelyn Sitter have developed an installation that is to be touched, freely based on textile patterns by Anni Albers, Gertrud Arndt, Grete Reichard and Gunta Stölzl. The artwork was developed in collaboration with Berlins Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (Allgemeiner Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein Berlin).

KITCHEN CRAFTS - Between Crafts and Digital Imagery
    Workshop Faciltator at the Digital Multilogue Conference on Fashion Education — American University of Paris, 25.9.2020 — with Prof. Dr. Berit Greinke

Digital platforms have long been a meeting place for knowledge exchange and experimentation in textile and fashion design. However, these usually do not support developing critical thinking skills, or grant meaningful tacit-material interaction between students and tutors. New major challenges are brought about by restrictions due to COVID19, e.g. the lack of materials, tools and space experienced by students in their often makeshift work environments. This workshop will explore strategies for critical making in HE. Focusing on material improvisation and group interaction, we aim to rethink and evaluate the potentials of crafts in the context of digital imagery and making.

Threads of Camille N°5 
    Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2021 — One-Week-Workshop (coming up Sep 21)

Textile surfaces surround us in the most diverse contexts and environments and play a decisive role in many artistic disciplines. In architecture, fashion, art, and design, the creation of experimental materials is a crucial path to the unique characters of a design. The methods do not always have to be highly complex. Even the simplest reversal of expected material properties can produce experimental and inspiring compositional ideas, and basic samples created by hand can provide visual triggers for 3D renderings.

This workshop dares utopias about what material can and should be. Based on excerpts from science fiction reading, the students will approach fantastic ideas of material composition and hybridity, materialise and visually simulate them. Each participant will write a short utopian scenario, learn analogue textile constructions and explore the hybrid use of those techniques. The focus will lie on experimenting and creating a surface that can and should undergo different stages, and a visualisation of this material transfer.
with Justina Moncevicute

How to promote current discourse among the youngest?


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